Beyerdynamic re-releases 39-year-old headphones (again!) and I’m still buying ’em

Somewhere in the sunny Honolulu, Hawaii, the world anticipates the arrival of Bruno Mars. Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan quietly takes his oath for a second term as the President of the United States. Wham!’s “Careless Whisper” claims its throne on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. Planning a movie night? Great choice – classics like The Goonies, Back to the Future, and The Breakfast Club await your viewing pleasure.

Fast forward to the year 1985, where Beyerdynamic unveils the groundbreaking DT 770 Pro with a hefty price tag of $300 – a substantial sum back then. However, these headphones are destined to carve their success story in just two letters (DT stands for ‘Dynamic Telephone’).

Beyerdynamic re-releases 39-year-old headphones (again!) and I'm still buying 'em

Today, these headphones stand as the gold standard, a versatile workhorse that doesn’t always require an amplifier to deliver exceptional sound. Over the years, Beyer has released three versions: 32Ω for handheld devices/laptops, 250Ω for high-end headphone amps, consoles, or interfaces, and an impressive 80Ω variant suitable for various studio applications. And to be clear: I have a genuine fondness for them.

Now, the Heilbronn-based headphone specialist introduces the time-limited Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition! With a nominal impedance of 48Ω, these cans seamlessly pair with top-notch portable hi-res audio players. Better yet, they come at a more affordable price than the originals, expected to hit shelves in April at a recommended retail price of €199 (around £170, $210, or AU$329).

I vividly recall slipping on the velour gray pads during vocal recordings for musicals in Germany in the early 2000s. As my career advanced, these headphones became a constant companion wherever my voice echoed. The mere sight of the DT 770 Pro hanging in a studio was a reassuring sign that the place knew its craft; everything was going to be just fine.

Opinion: A century in audio is quite a milestone, and I aspire to be part of that legacy.

A Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition, donned by a woman facing away from the camera, singing into a studio microphone

Reminiscent of the Sennheiser HD 250 alternative I wore in my early days in hi-fi journalism (an attempt to fit in – imposter syndrome is real, folks), owning such headphones signifies a depth of knowledge and allegiance.

Let’s delve into the specifics of what’s new and what remains unchanged. At their core, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition headphones deploy Beyerdynamic’s sound transducer, STELLAR.45, ensuring impeccable sound reproduction since 2021 in the DT 700 Pro X and DT 900 Pro X studio headphones.

The inclusion of a 3-meter pluggable cable, featuring a lockable 3-pin Mini XLR connector, is a noteworthy addition. Another innovative feature is what the company terms an “integrated fontanelle recess in the headband, providing protection for potentially pain-sensitive areas on the head and ensuring exceptionally high wearing comfort.”

As is customary for Beyerdynamic studio headphones, both the headband and velour ear cushions can be replaced when necessary.

“The DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition provides exactly the features that have propelled Beyerdynamic to the pinnacle of the studio headphone sector. With the latest driver technology and the pluggable cable, the headphones cater to modern musicians and producers expressing their creativity in various environments,” said Beyerdynamic Managing Director Andreas Rapp. He added, “The limited edition model is not just a continuation of our company history. It is also a thank you to our community who has longed for a DT 770 PRO with a pluggable cable and STELLAR.45 driver system for a long time.”

Visually, there is no denying that it pays homage to the DT 770 Pro. A silver-embossed anniversary emblem marks the 100-year history of the traditional German manufacturer founded in 1924.

As a dedicated user of premium wired headphones (check out our recent Fiio FT5 review for some of the best newcomers to the market), I am well aware of Beyer’s prowess. The exceptional Beyerdynamic’s Amiron Wireless and the refreshingly unconventional Free Byrd earbuds, styled like rock n roll guitar picks, prove that the company isn’t afraid to evolve with the times.

I strongly anticipate that the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition will seamlessly blend heritage greatness with well-integrated improvements – and if any of you get them before me, expect a Breakfast Club-esque “Eat my shorts” Bender-style tantrum (if you know, you know).

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