Audio-Technica launches ultra-high end Narukami line with $108,000 HPA-KG Naru integrated tube amplifier and $4,200 ATH-AWKG headphones

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Audio-Technica has introduced the Narukami brand, featuring ultra-high-end audio products that promise an unparalleled listening experience.

Let’s dive into the details of the remarkable $108,000 HPA-KG Naru integrated tube amplifier and the $4,200 ATH-AWKG headphones.

Narukami: Symbolizing Sonic Majesty

The term “narukami” embodies the essence of thunderous sound, drawing inspiration from the Japanese god of thunder.

After a decade of relentless innovation, A-T engineers have crafted a line of audio products that redefine excellence in sound reproduction.

HPA-KG NARU Integrated Tube Amplifier: A Fusion of Art and Engineering

The HPA-KG Naru isn’t just an amplifier; it’s a masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Here’s what makes it stand out:

Design Inspired by Nature

The exterior design reflects the serenity of Japanese rock gardens and tatami rooms.

Audio-Technica launches ultra-high end Narukami line with $108,000 HPA-KG Naru integrated tube amplifier and $4,200 ATH-AWKG headphones

The top panel mimics a rock garden, complete with imaginary water streams flowing into the vacuum tube orifices. The kurogaki wood panels add a touch of elegance, adorned with ayasugi tree needle and branch patterns.

Unparalleled Audio Engineering

Behind its exquisite exterior lies a decade of meticulous prototyping and fine-tuning.

Unlike traditional electronic tuning, A-T engineers relied on human senses to perfect each component, resulting in a fully balanced audio design with dedicated transformers for superior sound quality and minimal interference.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The amplifier features four Takatsuki TA-300B vacuum tubes, renowned for their exceptional performance.

The SRPP amp design ensures efficiency and reduced distortion, complemented by Lundahl transformers and optimized impedance settings for an optimal audio path to headphones.

ATH-AWKG Headphones: Crafted for Audiophiles

Paired seamlessly with the Narukami amp, the ATH-AWKG headphones offer an immersive audio experience:

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The ear cups, crafted from rare Japanese kurogaki wood, deliver unparalleled clarity. Magnesium alloy headband arms and sheepskin ear pads ensure both comfort and performance.

Superior Audio Quality

Equipped with 53 mm drivers and titanium flanges, these headphones produce high-resolution sound with enhanced bass reproduction. The A2DC connector and included cables ensure a stable, noise-free connection.

Affordable Alternatives

For those seeking high-quality audio at a more accessible price point, options like the FiiO R9 digital media streamer paired with Audeze LCD-X planar headphones provide a compelling alternative.

In conclusion, Audio-Technica’s Narukami brand sets a new standard in the world of audio excellence, combining artistry, innovation, and superior sound quality for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

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