Beats Solo 4 headphones leak shows they’re on the way at last, with new AirPods-like features (and 1 that AirPods Max don’t have)

The anticipation is building as leaks surface, offering a glimpse into the future of audio technology.

The purported images of the Beats Solo 4 have stirred excitement among enthusiasts, hinting at a significant leap forward from the longstanding Beats Solo 3, which has remained virtually unchanged since its debut in 2016.

Evolution in the World of Wireless Headphones

Since the launch of the Beats Solo 3, the landscape of wireless headphones has undergone remarkable transformations.

While the Beats Solo 3 earned its accolades in its time, the rapid evolution of wireless audio technology, exemplified by multiple generations of AirPods and the introduction of AirPods Max, has left consumers eager for a long-awaited upgrade.

Anticipated Features of Beats Solo 4

While comprehensive specifications are still under wraps, enthusiasts are hopeful for features reminiscent of the Beats Solo 3, particularly its impressive battery life of up to 40 hours.

Leaked Insights into Beats Solo 4

Insights gleaned from the latest iOS release candidate, as reported by MacRumors, suggest that the Beats Solo 4 will retain a familiar design while incorporating cutting-edge enhancements.

Beats Solo 4 headphones leak shows they're on the way at last, with new AirPods-like features (and 1 that AirPods Max don't have)


These enhancements include Dolby Atmos spatial audio, lossless USB-C audio—a feature notably absent in the AirPods Max—and other improvements aimed at elevating sound quality.

Additionally, the incorporation of Personalized Spatial Audio, akin to the current AirPods Pro 2, promises an immersive listening experience.

Enhanced On-Ear Controls

Building upon the functionality of its predecessors, the Beats Solo 4 is expected to feature intuitive on-ear controls reminiscent of the Beats Studio Pro.

Users can anticipate convenient controls such as pressing the iconic ‘B’ symbol for playback, pausing, or answering calls, double-pressing to skip tracks, and long-pressing to activate Siri.

Sneak Peek: What the Images Reveal

While a video circulating on X/Twitter provides a tantalizing glimpse, showcasing a spinning pair of black Beats headphones, additional insights can be gleaned from images found within the iOS package.

These images suggest that the Beats Solo 4 will be available in black, pink, and blue variants, catering to diverse preferences.

Release Date and Pricing

Although concrete details regarding the release date and pricing remain elusive, the integration of Beats Solo 4 within the iOS ecosystem hints at an imminent launch.

While the current Beats Studio 3 carries a suggested retail price of $349.95, savvy consumers can expect enticing discounts, particularly upon the release of the new iteration.

However, given the anticipated advancements, opting for the latest model may be the prudent choice.

As the anticipation mounts, enthusiasts eagerly await the official unveiling of the Beats Solo 4, poised to redefine the benchmark for wireless headphone excellence. Stay tuned for updates as the future of audio technology unfolds.

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