Dell Unveils AI-Driven ANC Headsets For Work With Up To 78 Hours Of Battery Life

In the vast landscape of technological integration, AI has made its mark, notably in Dell’s latest revelation—the AI-infused Pro Wireless ANC 5000 series headsets.

These cutting-edge devices pledge extended battery longevity to navigate the challenges of the workweek seamlessly. Alongside the 3000 series, Dell asserts that its headsets aspire to provide an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.

Dell 5000 Series Pro Wireless And Wired ANC Headsets

Modern demands necessitate individuals to be poised for business at a moment’s notice. This may involve fielding calls amidst bustling workspaces or while awaiting transportation on a vibrant urban thoroughfare.

The imperative to communicate effectively, even in such dynamic settings, is paramount to accomplishing tasks. Enter Dell’s Pro Wireless ANC Headset, model WL5024.

As per Dell’s design, this wireless headset prioritizes all-day comfort, featuring an adaptable leatherette headband, replaceable ear cushions, and a swiftly deployable discreet boom mic.

The microphone integrates Dell’s AI-driven noise cancellation, coupled with hybrid active noise cancellation technologies, ensuring crystal-clear audio delivery.

A sophisticated sensor facilitates seamless control, muting conversations when both earcups are raised and unmuting when lowered.

The headset establishes connections through multi-point connectivity using Bluetooth 5.3, accommodating up to eight devices concurrently, including two simultaneous connections.

When fully charged, this remarkable headset boasts an astonishing 78 hours of listening time—more than sufficient for brief business or leisure trips.

For those with a preference for a wired connection, the Dell Pro Wired ANC Headset (WH5024) encompasses identical features to its wireless counterpart, sans the wireless functionality.

Both the Dell Pro Wireless ANC Headset and Pro Wired ANC Headset will be accessible from January 30, 2024, at $229.99 and $109.99, respectively.

Dell 3000 Series ANC Headsets

Should one not require the extensive features of the 5000 series headset, Dell presents its 3000 series at more economical price points. Marketed as “AI audio for everyday productivity and comfort,” the 3000 series shares several features with the 5000 series, including an integrated AI-driven noise cancellation microphone.

However, it lacks the smart sensor present in the 5000 series.

Another distinction lies in the battery life, reduced to 41 hours of listening time at full charge, yet still ample for a complete day’s use, and even a standard work week with a touch of overtime.

The Dell Wireless Headset (WL3024) will be available for order starting February 1, 2024, at $159.99, while the wired version (WH3024) will be accessible for $49.99.

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