Drop Teams Up With Axel Grell To Launch The Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones

Drop has joined forces with audio pioneer Axel Grell to unveil a game-changing advancement in audio technology through the Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones.

Leveraging Grell’s vast expertise in audio engineering and product development, this collaboration aims to redefine stereo imaging and audio engineering, promising a transformative experience in sound perception.

Natural Audio Immersion

The Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones are meticulously crafted to deliver a natural and immersive audio experience, drawing inspiration from the intricate design of the human ear.

Unlike conventional headphones, these driver-forward, open-around-ear headphones feature a distinctive driver placement in front of and away from the ears.

The Science Behind the Design

This innovative design capitalizes on the natural geometry of the ear to precisely direct sound into the ear canal, creating a sound field that authentically mirrors the sensation of listening to speakers in a room.

Axel Grell’s Vision

With over three decades of experience in audio engineering, Axel Grell elucidates the philosophy behind this groundbreaking design:

“Our ears are as unique as fingerprints, so when you position a driver right on top of the eardrum as most headphones do, it may sound good for some but not for others,” explains Grell.

Unmatched Audio Excellence

The strategic placement of the driver in front of the ear incorporates the ear’s natural geometry into the sound formation process, enabling the brain to optimize the sound experience.

Coupled with its open-around-ear architecture, these signature headphones deliver a rich, pure, and unparalleled audio experience that promises to evoke a visceral response.

Key Specifications

The Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones boast impressive technical specifications, including:

  • Frequency Response: 12-32,000 Hz (-3db)
  • Transducer Principle: Dynamic
  • Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms
  • Weight (without cable): 365g
  • Sound Pressure Level at 1kHz 1VRMS: 106 dB

Limited-Edition Release

The Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones are a limited-edition release, with only 1,000 units available.

Priced at $499 for pre-order, with an MSRP of $699, these headphones offer a blend of comfort and performance suitable for extended listening sessions.

Pre-order Details

The pre-order phase commences on March 26, providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to secure these innovative headphones before they are sold out. Don’t miss your chance to experience the future of audio with Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones.

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