DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition Headphones Celebrate Beyerdynamic’s Centenary

Celebrating a century of expertise, Beyerdynamic introduces the DT 770 Pro X.

Throughout the decades, we’ve assessed a myriad of Beyerdynamic products, encompassing the Xelento 2 in-ear earphones, DT 700/900 Pro X earphones, T1 and T5 3rd Generation earphones, and even the DT1990 Pro earphones as far back as 2016.

Their range across various price brackets has generally performed admirably in our evaluations.

The DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition builds upon the groundwork laid by the DT 770 Pro earphones introduced in 1985, enhancing the overall offering with novel STELLAR.45 drivers, akin to those embraced by the DT 700 Pro X and DT 900 Pro X earphones.

DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition Headphones Celebrate Beyerdynamic’s Centenary

The STELLAR.45 dynamic driver comprises an N52 neodymium-iron-boron magnet, a speaker bearing, a three-layer diaphragm, a lightweight, copper-clad voice coil, and a baffle.

Andreas Rapp, Managing Director of Beyerdynamic, shared with StereoNET:

“The DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition embodies the characteristics that have propelled Beyerdynamic to the pinnacle of the studio headphone realm.

Featuring cutting-edge driver technology and detachable cable, these headphones cater to contemporary musicians and producers who explore their creativity in varied settings.”

Furthermore, the headphones are accompanied by a new 3-meter pluggable cable equipped with lockable 3-pin Mini XLR connectors for secure linkages.

For individuals predisposed to discomfort, the DT 770 Pro X boasts an integrated fontanel recess in the headband, crafted to enhance comfort during wear and safeguard potential pain-sensitive regions on the scalp.

Both the headband and velour ear pads are replaceable as needed, a boon for the longevity of this auditory accessory.

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