HiFiMAN Unveils EF499 and EF500 DAC/Headphone Amplifiers

Smaller and more powerful desktop DAC/headphone amplifiers have become quite popular in the headphone world lately.

Brands like Topping, Schiit Audio, and FiiO have taken the lead in this market, offering a wide range of options that can handle all types of headphones, including IEMs and the most demanding dynamic and planar magnetic ones.

HiFiMAN has also been focusing on this category, providing solutions tailored to properly drive its range of planar magnetic headphones, including the EF499 and EF500 models.

Dive into the future of sound! Discover HiFiMAN's latest EF499 and EF500 DAC/Headphone Amplifiers. Elevate your audio experience now!

These new HiFiMAN EF499 and EF500 DAC Headphone Amplifiers, priced at $299 and $459 respectively, are designed with ergonomics and size in mind. They’re perfect for users who want to maximize headphone performance without taking up too much desk space.

The EF500 and EF499 feature sleek designs that not only look good but also serve as headphone stands, helping to reduce desktop clutter.

They come with fully balanced input/output connections, a Coaxial/NET+USB function switch, an independent power supply, and a thermal optimized tower case.

Both headphone amps are identical in size and offer the same front and rear inputs. The main difference lies in their exterior finish and internal DAC.

The EF500 desktop DAC/amplifier features HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya LE ladder DAC, which uses an array of highly accurate resistors to convert the digital signal with minimal distortion and improved energy consumption.

A standout feature of the EF500 is HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya LE R2R DAC, which aims to deliver superior sonic performance compared to the more common PCM1704k module.

With the support of a new algorithm and 0.01% precision resistors, the THD (total harmonic distortion) rate of the Hymalaya LE is reduced to an impressive 0.0025% (-8dB), ensuring minimal distortion without any audible distractions.

The EF499 offers similar benefits to the EF500 but utilizes the familiar Philips R2R DAC architecture known for its naturally warm, full-range sound and the company’s signature tuning.

Dr. Fang Bian, President and CEO of HIFIMAN Electronics, remarks, “The success of our reference desktop DAC/amplifiers demonstrates that music lovers are eager to invest in equipment that enhances their listening experience.

With our new models, we’re making the sonic attributes of our signature sound accessible to more headphone fans than ever before.”

Both the EF499 and EF500 will be available in February 2024 from authorized HIFIMAN dealers and the company’s online store. The EF499 is priced at $299, while the EF500 costs $459 on HiFiMAN’s Store.

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