Logitech unveils X Pro 2 gaming headset: Price, availability

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed Headset: Elevating Your Gaming Experience

Logitech, a pioneer in gaming peripherals, has recently introduced the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed headset, setting a new standard in gaming audio excellence.

Crafted for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

The Logitech Pro X 2 is meticulously crafted with insights from esports athletes worldwide, ensuring a blend of style, functionality, and comfort to enhance your gaming sessions.

Enhanced Audio Precision

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Pro X 2 features 50mm graphene drivers, offering unparalleled sound clarity and response.

Graphene, known for its lightweight and robust properties, minimizes audio distortions, resulting in immersive gaming experiences with intricate details.

Immerse Yourself in Spatial Audio

Experience gaming like never before with DTS Headphone:X 3D audio support.

Logitech unveils X Pro 2 gaming headset: Price, availability

This cutting-edge technology accurately replicates sound cues in your gaming environment, providing a heightened sense of spatial awareness.

Crystal-Clear Communication

Stay connected with your team using the Blue VOICE technology integrated into the Pro X 2.

The headset boasts a detachable 6mm cardioid microphone with noise-cancelling capabilities, ensuring clear and crisp communication even in the heat of battle.

Comfortable Gaming Sessions

Designed for extended gaming sessions, the Pro X 2 offers both wired and wireless connectivity options.

With up to 50 hours of battery life via Bluetooth, you can game without interruptions for extended periods.

Additionally, the 3.5mm wired connection provides a reliable alternative for traditional setups.

Ergonomic Design for Extended Play

Say goodbye to discomfort with the Pro X 2’s sleek and ergonomic design.

The adjustable headband and thick cushions provide a customized fit, while the rotating durable hinge ensures durability during intense gaming sessions.

The memory foam earpads, available in leatherette or breathable velour, cater to gamers wearing glasses, offering enhanced comfort for prolonged use.

Price and Availability

The Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed headset is available in three stylish colors – black, pink, and white – priced at PhP 13,799.

The package includes the headset, memory foam ear pads, USB-A Lightspeed wireless adapter with 3.5mm port, detachable mic, USB-A to USB-C cable, and 3.5mm cable.

Customers can purchase the Pro X 2 through Logitech G’s official Lazada and Shopee stores, as well as leading retailers such as PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, Octagon, Electroworld, Complink, and other partner stores, ensuring accessibility to gaming enthusiasts nationwide.

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