Meizu Launches Two Noise Cancelling Earphones, The Blus 3 and Blus 3 Pro, Starting at 279 Yuan ($39)

Meizu has released two new earphones called the Blus 3 and Blus 3 Pro, and they’re causing quite a stir! The Blus 3 starts at 279 yuan (about $39 USD) and comes with a clever noise-reducing feature using AI that can make things 50 decibels quieter. It also knows how to reduce annoying wind noises, helps with voice commands, and makes calls sound clearer.

The Blus 3 can last for 32 hours on a single charge, but the Blus 3 Pro outdoes it with an impressive 38 hours of battery life. Music enthusiasts will love the special 12mm coils inside these earphones that make music sound really awesome and surround you with sound from all directions.

You won’t need to worry about running out of battery during long trips either, thanks to the 32-hour battery life (with the charging case). While it’s possible to make the battery last even longer by turning off the noise-canceling feature, Meizu hasn’t given any details about that yet.

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