Oladance Launches New OWS Sports Open-Ear Headphones for Fitness Enthusiasts

Oladance, a leading entity in open auricular audile encounters, has unveiled the OWS Sports, meticulously fashioned for individuals engrossed in corporeal pursuits.

This fresh inclusion to Oladance’s assortment of ajar audile resolutions proffers a secure and gratifying auditory adventure for sports aficionados.

Nonetheless Bone Conduction

Divergent from orthodox bone conduction earpieces, Oladance’s OWS technology harnesses air conduction technology, furnishing a three-dimensional sonic impression and a more gratifying donning encounter.

Oladance Launches New OWS Sports Open-Ear Headphones for Fitness Enthusiasts

Devised to perch steadfastly atop the auricle, these earpieces are tailored to thwart discomfort, provocation, and potential auditory impairment affiliated with prolonged earpiece utilization. Crafted for Sports Devotees

The OWS Sports stands as a commendable preference for all forms of physical exertions, such as jogging, cycling, yoga, and mountaineering.

Sporting an IPX8 water-resistant classification, gale noise mitigation, and a potent 15-hour battery lifespan, these earpieces are engineered to endure diverse elements while ensuring a user’s tempo remains uninterrupted throughout their workout.

Noteworthy Sonic Excellence with an Ajar Auricle Blueprint

Furnished with a Qualcomm aptX chip for top-notch sound, an amplification chip to augment sound potency and volume, and patented Virtual Bass 2.0 algorithm for amplified low-frequency sound, the OWS Sports dispenses crystal-clear, 360° home theater caliber sound.

Furthermore, the Oladance application permits users to personalize their sonic profile with assorted sound modes and govern sound equilibrium, gestures, and function assortment. Safe Auditory Encounter and Comfort Prioritized for All-Day Utilization

The OWS technology prioritizes the user’s audition and auricle well-being by furnishing a pleasurable ajar-donning encounter and obliterating prevalent quandaries associated with traditional earpieces.

The sleek, pliant liquid silicone rubber composition assures a snug fit, while the ergonomic blueprint and pliant titanium wire neck strap keep the earpieces steadfastly in situ during physical exertion. Pricing and Accessibility

The OWS Sports is accessible in Endorphin Silver, Hormone Yellow, Epinephrine Gray, and Dopamine Pink on Oladance.com, Amazon.com, and BestBuy.com for $179.99 MSRP.

The Oladance application is accessible free of charge on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For further enlightenment about Oladance and its pioneering audile resolutions, peruse Oladance.com.

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