OnePlus is working on a new ‘Headphone recording’ feature for its earbuds (APK teardown)

Hey Melody app users, listen up! Exciting news is on the horizon as hints within the app’s code suggest a groundbreaking addition – the “Headphone Recording” feature.

Primarily used by OnePlus and OPPO to tweak earbud settings, Hey Melody is gearing up to offer more than just the basics.

Unveiling the Headphone Recording Feature

Imagine capturing audio directly through your earbuds while shooting videos. Yes, you heard it right! The upcoming “headphone recording” feature promises just that.

Designed to leverage the built-in microphones of your earbuds, this feature aims to elevate your video recording experience to new heights.

Clear Mode and Immersive Mode Settings

But wait, there’s more! Alongside the primary recording function, users can expect additional settings to enhance their audio experience.

OnePlus is working on a new 'Headphone recording' feature for its earbuds (APK teardown)

The “clear mode” ensures authentic sound reproduction with high-definition clarity, while the “immersive mode” offers a rich, multi-channel surround effect, making you feel like you’re right in the action.

Sneak Peek into Development

As of now, the feature is still in the development phase and not yet available for use. However, enthusiasts can’t help but speculate about its potential.

With OnePlus and OPPO consistently pushing boundaries in both phone and earbud technology, it’s no surprise to see such innovative additions on the horizon.

Compatibility and Future Prospects

While specifics about its release remain uncertain, there’s hope that this feature will revolutionize not just OnePlus and OPPO devices but the broader market.

Could this be the next big thing in audio recording technology? Only time will tell.


In a world where convenience and functionality reign supreme, the “Headphone Recording” feature stands poised to redefine how we capture audio on the go.

Stay tuned for updates as OnePlus continues to innovate and surprise us with cutting-edge features.

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