Sennheiser launches ACCENTUM Plus in India with 50-hour battery life and Hybrid ANC

Sennheiser has officially unveiled its ACCENTUM series in India, debuting the state-of-the-art ACCENTUM Plus wireless headphones.

This release introduces to the Indian market headphones that pledge exceptional sound quality, unparalleled comfort, and extraordinary durability, all at a competitive price range.

Sennheiser launches ACCENTUM Plus in India with 50-hour battery life and Hybrid ANC

Sennheiser, the esteemed audio marque, has left a substantial imprint on the Indian market with the introduction of its ACCENTUM series, revealing the flagship ACCENTUM Plus wireless headphones.

Geared towards audio aficionados seeking top-notch sound without exorbitant costs, the ACCENTUM series blends premium audio performance with the convenience of wireless technology.

Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus

The ACCENTUM Plus distinguishes itself with its Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), remarkable 50-hour battery life, and touch-gesture controls, establishing a new standard in the headphone realm.

Sennheiser’s dedication to amalgamating innovation, excellence, and user contentment is palpable in this latest offering, tailored for both audiophiles and casual listeners.

Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus:

  • Outstanding Features for the Audio Connoisseur
  • Hybrid ANC: Ensuring uninterrupted listening in any setting.
  • Extended Playtime: An extraordinary 50-hour battery lifespan.
  • Quick Charge: Bestowing an additional 5 hours of playtime within a mere 10 minutes.
  • Superior Connectivity: Bluetooth® 5.2 with compatibility for all prevalent codecs.
  • Sound Personalization: Adapting audio based on the listener’s preferences.

Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus: Comfort and Resilience

The ACCENTUM Plus transcends mere auditory experience. Its design guarantees comfort during extended listening sessions, while its sturdy construction ensures enduring resilience.

Whether you’re commuting, journeying, or simply indulging in music at home, these headphones are crafted to deliver a seamless auditory journey.

Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus: Pricing and Availability

The ACCENTUM Plus is offered in black and white hues, priced at INR 15,990.

A special pre-booking promotion at INR 14,990, inclusive of a INR 1,000 discount, is accessible until February 13th, 2024, on Sennheiser’s official website and, presenting an enticing proposition for early adopters.

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