This Mobile Hi-Fi Company Might Help Spark A Wired Headphones Resurgence

Recall the occasion when Apple controversially eradicated the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone? This action rendered wired headphones obsolete, ushering in the era of wireless alternatives.

Presently, dominant players in the headphone industry include Apple, Sony, and Beats. Nonetheless, an unexpected contender could reignite interest in wired headphones.

For years, Questyle has been crafting top-tier sound equipment, spanning from dongle accessories to desktop mix amps. Their expertise lies in cutting-edge audio technology, and their latest creation might just propel them into the limelight.

This Mobile Hi-Fi Company Might Help Spark A Wired Headphones Resurgence

The NHB15, dubbed as “True Lossless Earphones,” promises pristine, uncompressed audio playback, preserving the original studio recording fidelity.

Each set is equipped with a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and an amplifier, delivering studio-grade audio at a sample rate of 192kHz, all while reintroducing the long-forgotten cord.

However, the cord, while reminiscent, is not entirely conventional, as these wired headphones connect via USB-C to cater to modern smartphone interfaces.

Nevertheless, whether one’s motivation stems from nostalgia or appreciation for exceptional audio quality, they must be prepared to invest a substantial sum.

The NHB15 comes with a hefty price tag of $350, demanding either a profound appreciation for the technical intricacies of music or a strong longing for the tactile sensation of wired headphones.

Could this signal the resurgence of wired headphones?

Granted, Questyle’s NHB15s may not be accessible to everyone due to their steep pricing. Yet, historical trends tend to repeat themselves, and the endorsement of wired headphones by a prominent figure could easily reignite public interest.

As evidenced by the swift response from competitor Hidizs, who promptly unveiled their own DAC-powered wired headphones following Questyle’s release, it’s evident that such innovations have the potential to shape industry trends.

In reality, there are numerous wired earbuds on the market that offer commendable value for money. Established brands such as SteelSeries, Bose, and Skullcandy have never abandoned the wired headphone sector.

While they may lack some of the advanced features found in Questyle and Hidizs products, they come at a fraction of the cost and serve as viable alternatives for budget-conscious consumers.

The primary caveat is that many of these options still rely on the traditional 3.5mm jack, although USB-C variants are gradually becoming more prevalent.

Interestingly, Apple, the very company that spearheaded the shift towards wireless headphones, has recently reintroduced wired options to their product lineup.

With the transition of the iPhone to USB-C, Apple discreetly launched earbuds priced under $20, perfectly complementing the iPhone 15 and subsequent models.

Thus, if there’s a sudden resurgence in the usage of wired headphones, consider this a forewarning.

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