Beyerdynamic Celebrates 100 Years Of Awesome Audio With DT 770 Pro X Headset

In commemoration of its centennial existence, Beyerdynamic, the German audio maestro, unveils an exclusive release—the DT 770 Pro X circumaural studio headphones, a rendition of its iconic DT 770 Pro.

We opine that the additional $30 investment is justified, provided one secures a unit before the limited production run exhausts.

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Unveiled at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) expo in California, Beyerdynamic introduces the DT 770 Pro X as a special edition variant of the well-received DT 770 Pro, marking the initiation of the brand’s centenary festivities.

Beyerdynamic Celebrates 100 Years Of Awesome Audio With DT 770 Pro X Headset

Tailored for mid-level to professional content creators with a penchant for pristine sound and reference-grade monitoring, the Pro X closed-back headphones come equipped with a detachable 3-meter mini-XLR to 3.5mm jack cable, an augmented maximum frequency response of 40 kHz, and a revised nominal impedance of 48 ohms (compared to the 770 Pro’s options of 35 kHz and 32/80/250 ohms respectively).

Andreas Rapp, Beyerdynamic’s CEO, elucidates, “In celebrating our 100-year milestone, our endeavor was to craft headphones that pay homage to our history while empowering future studio professionals to pursue their creative impulses unhindered.”

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The Pro X also integrates the refined STELLAR.45 driver setup, preserving the original performance efficiency yet optimizing it for both studio workstations and portable mobile devices.

The package includes a drawstring carry sack, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter, and a commemorative booklet marking the company’s anniversary. Noteworthy is the anniversary emblem adorning the headband’s side—a tasteful addition.

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For those with an inclination, the DT 770 Pro X Limited Edition is presently available for pre-order at $199 through Guitar Center and Sweetwater. The company advises that the headphones will have limited availability, with additional release details anticipated later in the year.

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