How do you Charge Beats Headphones?

Beats by Dre Beats Headphones are some of the most popular on the market. They come with a lot of features, such as good sound quality and a comfortable fit.

But How do you Charge Beats Headphones?

How do you Charge Beats Headphones?

They come with a built-in battery that lasts up to 18 hours, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go. But how do you charge them?

However, you may need to know how to charge them in order to use them effectively.

In this article, we will teach you two ways to charge your Beats headphones and also tell you how long it will take for them to be fully charged. 

So go ahead and get ready to rock out!

Here are 4 proven Steps to Charge your Beats Headphone:

We have added a complete step-by-step guide on charging your Beats headphones for you. So don’t worry, just keep reading to find out more!

Also here is how to check the headphones’ battery on iPhone.

Step 01: First check the battery status

To charge Beats headphones, first, check the battery status. The Fuel Gauge LED lights will indicate the battery’s current state.

 Under the power button on the right earphone, the LED lights are located.

The following are the colors that signify these.

  • If the light is white, the battery is fully charged.
  • If the light is red, the battery needs to be charged.
  • If there is no light then the battery is not charged.

Step 2:  Plug the charging cord

Now step two is plugging the charging cord into the headphones.

Here’s how to do it

  • Find the USB connector on the headphones, which is on the right side of your headphones.
  • Now plug the cord right into the micro-USB connector.

 Step 03: Now connect to the Power adapter 

Now you need to connect the charging cable to the power adapter that came with your headphones and then Connect the other end of the charging cable to the USB port on your AC adapter.

Step 04: plug your AC adaptor into electrical socket

As you have connected your headphones to the AC adapter and all you have to do is plug them into an electrical socket. Allow them to charge for approximately 2 hours.

How do you Charge Beats Headphones?

If you can’t charge your Beats headphones

The headphones won’t charge? Here are a few things you can try if your beat headphones aren’t charging.

  • Try a new charging cable. Your cable might be the reason behind not charging your headphones 
  • If that doesn’t work, you may need to reset your beat headphones 
  • Lastly, be sure that your headphones are properly connected to the charging cable

How Can I Tell Whether My Beats Are Charging?

You can check the battery status by the LED lights that your beat headphones are showing.

  1. If the white lights on your Beats headphones are all lit up, it means that they are completely charged.
  2. If the solid red light on your Beats headphones is lit up, then it means that the battery is low
  3. If no lights are lit up on your Beats headphones, then it means that the battery is fully dead and needs to be charged.
  4. If the red light is flashing on your Beats headphones, then it means that their battery is at the endpoint.

How Long Does it Take to Charge Beats Headphones & Earbuds?

Have you ever experienced frustration when you come to use your Beats headphones but they are still not charged? It’s really annoying. Isn’t it?

So, let us help you.

It takes about two hours to charge Beats headphones, Beats earbuds from a dead battery take an hour and a half to charge, and the charging case with dead earbuds inside takes two and a half hours to charge.

Charging Times

There is a feature on Beats headphones called Fast Fuel that charges the device quickly up to 80 percent battery then slows down in order to avoid damage to the battery.

Well, When it comes to charging times, most Beats earbuds take around two hours to reach full capacity but you can still listen for 3 hours by just charging them for 5 minutes.
But still, you should prefer charging them fully if you have the time. Then you will get an amazing listening experience.

How do you Charge Beats Headphones?

Charging Variables

Charging time could be affected by some factors. The time we have told is standard but still, there are a few factors that can increase the time of charging your headphones.

Have a look at them

  1. Cables and old cords
  2. Charging jack 
  3. Old beats headphone battery 

These could be factors that might be the reason why your headphones stop charging suddenly and chargers slowly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you charge Beats headphones with an iPhone charger?

Yes, beats headphones can be charged with the iPhone charger as they are compatible with each other. But you should prefer using beats headphone’s own charger, 

Do Beats headphones come with a charger?

Yes, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones do come with a charger, though they do not include a power adaptor. You may have to buy one for charging your Beats headphones. Plus you can also use an iPhone charger as they are compatible enough.

Why are my Beats not charging?

Beats can’t charge because there is a problem with the cable. When you try to plug in your Beats, make sure the cable is plugged into the Beats dock and the other end of the cable is plugged into an outlet.

If you’re having trouble charging your Beats, try using another charger or switching to a different cable. If there’s still a problem, it might be because of a damaged jack on your Beats.

How do I know if my Beats headphones are charging?

Beats headphones come with a power cord that has an indicator light that shows the charging status of the headphones. when the indicator light is red, it means they’re charging. The light will turn from red to white when the headphones are fully charged.


Beats headphones are a great way to listen to music, but they can be difficult to charge. But we have covered the complete topic of how to charge beats headphones. We hope that this article has helped to better understand the way to charge your headphones.

As you have learned to charge your beats headphones, now you can enjoy your music or your favorite playlist. 

If the article was helpful, please leave a comment below. and also let us know in the comment section if you have any queries, we will surely get back to you.

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