Marshall Launches Major V Headphones With Incredible Battery Life

Marshall just revealed its new Major V headphones and the Minor IV wireless earbuds.

The Major V headphones are super impressive with a battery that lasts for a whopping 100 hours! That’s even better than the Major IV, which had an already amazing 80-hour battery life.

Martin Wennberg, who looks after the Marshall headphones, said, “We did great with the Major IV, but the Major V takes it further with over 100 hours of battery life. We put a lot of thought into every detail, making them sound amazing and look iconic.”

These Major V headphones have big 40mm speakers inside, a 32-ohm power level, and they’re loud at 106dB. You can charge them using a USB-C cable in just three hours, and they even support wireless charging.

Marshall Launches Major V Headphones With Incredible Battery Life

Plus, they fold up neatly to fit in your bag, and you can customize a button to do things like play Spotify or talk to your voice assistant.

Now, about the Minor IV earbuds—they last for seven hours on their own and can be recharged 3.5 times in their case, giving you over 30 hours of battery life in total.

Marshall redesigned them to fit better in your ears, making the 12mm speaker inside work even better.

They can connect to more than one device at a time through Bluetooth, and there’s a special feature in the app that helps the battery last longer.

If you want to get your hands on these, the Major V headphones cost £129, and the Minor IV earbuds are £119. You can pre-order them now, and they’ll be in stores starting from April 23rd.

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