MLS expands Apple relationship with Beats headphones

Apple TV Becomes Exclusive Global Broadcaster for Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer (MLS) has recently announced an exciting partnership with tech giant Apple, marking Beats as its official consumer audio products partner.

This collaboration signifies a significant step forward for MLS as it gears up for its upcoming season, bringing together the world of sports and cutting-edge technology in an unprecedented manner.

Custom Headphones for MLS Teams

As part of this groundbreaking deal, Beats will design and produce custom headphones tailored specifically for MLS teams.

MLS expands Apple relationship with Beats headphones

Initially, eight prominent clubs will be featured in this exclusive lineup, including Atlanta United, Columbus Crew, Inter Miami, Los Angeles FC, Nashville SC, New York City FC, St Louis City, and Toronto FC.

MLS Players and Beats Marketing

Moreover, MLS players will take center stage in Beats’ marketing initiatives, showcasing the synergy between sportsmanship and superior audio experiences.

Athletes will proudly endorse Beats products, both on and off the field, amplifying the brand’s presence within the MLS community.

The Vision Behind the Partnership

Chris Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer of Beats, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the brand’s longstanding association with elite athletes.

According to Thorne, Beats headphones have been a preferred choice among top-tier athletes for over a decade, enhancing their performance while reflecting their unique style and personality.

Shared Enthusiasm for Innovation

In line with Thorne’s sentiments, Camilo Durana, MLS Executive Vice President of Apple Partnership, Properties, and Events, highlighted the mutual excitement surrounding this partnership.

Durana emphasized the role of music in inspiring players, supporters, and communities alike, underscoring the shared vision of leveraging premium audio products to elevate the soccer experience.


The union between Major League Soccer and Beats represents a convergence of sports, technology, and culture.

As MLS continues to expand its global footprint, collaborations like these pave the way for unparalleled fan engagement and innovation within the realm of professional sports. Stay tuned for an exhilarating season ahead, where the power of sound and the spirit of soccer collide like never before.

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