Rewind: Austrian Audio’s open-back headphones rated, Pro-Ject’s new turntables revealed and more

Welcome to our latest Rewind column, where we’ll fill you in on all the exciting things happening in the world of hi-fi and home cinema this past week.

It’s been a busy time for us! Our team has just finished testing two brand-new sets of headphones and we’ve also got some exciting news from the famous record player brand, Pro-Ject.

Let’s dive into it! The T2 and T2 Super Phono are quite similar, with the same core circuitry and general features. They’re both designed for the mid-range market. The only real difference is that the T2 Super Phono comes with a built-in phono stage.

Both models come with impressive specifications and even include the What Hi-Fi? Award-winning Sumiko Rainier cartridge. We can’t wait to test them out in our listening rooms! Stay tuned for more updates once we’ve had the chance to review them later this year

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