Sonos tips possible headphones announcement in the fall — this is big

Sonos has hinted at the imminent unveiling of its much-speculated Sonos headphones later this year.

In a recent earnings call, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence affirmed the company’s intention to introduce a novel product category in the third quarter.

Alongside the revelation of new hardware, Spence also assured of Sonos’ plans for its shipment.

The company’s third fiscal quarter spans from July through September, thus implying a potential debut of this new Sonos offering prior to the commencement of Halloween preparations.

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“With a commendable first quarter performance behind us, our focus now pivots entirely towards the launch of our eagerly anticipated product,” Spence conveyed to stakeholders.

Sonos tips possible headphones announcement in the fall — this is big

While Sonos holds established positions in the premium smart speaker and soundbar segments, it has yet to venture into the domain of headphones.

This progression appears logical in light of longstanding speculations dating back to 2021 concerning Sonos’ foray into headphones.

Despite the prevailing rumors, specifics remain elusive. Notably, in November, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hinted at Sonos’ development of a deluxe pair of over-ear headphones to rival Apple’s AirPods Max. Gurman’s report suggested a potential price point exceeding $400.

Dubbed “Duke,” the Sonos headphones are rumored to be available in two color variants, likely adhering to Sonos’ customary palette of black and white, and are anticipated to seamlessly integrate with other Sonos audio devices when required.

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Voice command functionality is expected, alongside premium craftsmanship and materials.

The prospect of Sonos venturing into the realm of in-ear competitors to AirPods Pro remains uncertain.

Given the company’s recent decline in sales, headphones appear pivotal to Spence’s strategy for reinvigorating growth. Sonos forecasts that the new product releases slated for 2024 will generate $100 million in revenue.

“We are on the cusp of revealing our eagerly awaited new product in a multi-billion-dollar sector, marking the initial significant milestone in our multi-year product roadmap,” remarked Spence in the earnings report.

“Our undivided focus is on executing our strategy successfully and positioning our business for both top and bottom-line growth.”

“When contemplating a novel category that is uncharted territory for us, it’s all about seizing opportunity,” Spence asserted. “We approach it with the same vigor, enthusiasm, and judiciousness in investments that have been

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