Austin AudioWorks to Premiere Their Headphone Amp & Phono Preamp at Axpona 2024

In this article, we’ll explore Austin AudioWorks, a groundbreaking company that merges a rich history in hi-fi technology with cutting-edge innovations.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Austin AudioWorks

Barry Thornton: The Pioneer

Austin AudioWorks owes its legacy to Barry Thornton, the Founder and CTO, whose journey in the hi-fi industry traces back to the 1960s.

He has crafted iconic products for renowned brands like SAE, ESS, and Parasound, setting the standard for excellence in audio engineering.

Bill Leebens: The Living Encyclopedia

Bill Leebens, the company President, embodies a walking, talking hi-fi encyclopedia. His profound knowledge and expertise encompass the intricate nuances of audio technology, making him an invaluable asset to Austin AudioWorks.

Steve Wallenfelsz: The Audiophile Maestro

General Manager Steve Wallenfelsz brings a unique blend of passion and professionalism to Austin AudioWorks. With a background as an attorney-turned-production manager and a lifelong audiophile, his contributions resonate deeply within the realm of high-fidelity innovation.

Unveiling Austin AudioWorks’ Pioneering Products

At Axpona 2024, Austin AudioWorks will showcase two groundbreaking products that redefine the hi-fi experience:

  1. The Black Swan MM and MC Phono Preamplifier: This revolutionary preamplifier boasts zero-feedback, ultrawide bandwidth Class-A circuits utilizing Current Carrier Technology. With seamless support for MM and MC cartridges and intuitive loading options, it epitomizes purity at an exceptional value.
  2. The Black AMP Headphone Amplifier: Featuring four independent, no-feedback, current-mode power amplifiers, this amplifier transcends conventional boundaries. Its truly balanced mono-block configuration ensures unparalleled audio fidelity, free from signaling contamination or interference.

Unparalleled Features of Austin AudioWorks’ Products

  • Advanced Circuitry: Both The Black Swan and The Black AMP incorporate state-of-the-art circuitry, delivering unparalleled clarity and precision in audio reproduction.
  • User-Centric Design: With front-mounted controls and intuitive interfaces, Austin AudioWorks prioritizes user experience, eliminating the hassle of navigating complex settings.
  • Balanced Connectivity: Equipped with single-ended RCA, balanced XLR inputs, and front-mounted Balanced XLR and TRS headphone outputs, these products offer versatile connectivity options for seamless integration into any audio setup.

Pricing and Availability

The Black Swan MC and MM Phono Preamp are priced competitively at $1,649, while The Black AMP Headphone Amp is available at $1,849. These groundbreaking products embody Austin AudioWorks’ commitment to elevating the hi-fi experience for audiophiles worldwide.


Austin AudioWorks represents a paradigm shift in the realm of high-fidelity audio.

With a team of visionaries at the helm and innovative products that redefine industry standards, it’s poised to revolutionize how we experience sound. Experience the future of hi-fi with Austin AudioWorks.

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